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video never sleeps.

stand out from the crowd.

If you are recognizing the power of video to promote your business in today’s visual world, then you also need to recognize that Skydefinition is at the top of the list when it comes to presenting your company with that same “it” factor, to the rest of the world... No matter the market. No matter the audience. "


Paul Lafrance
HGTV Host, Designer, Director, Producer, & Owner of Paul Lafrance Design 

we don't just create videos.
we create solutions.

video. never. sleeps.

Great video (and marketing) means capturing your story and packaging it in a way that resonates with your ideal customers.

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 so... what do we offer? 

paul lafrance

"There are many talented people out there that can film, edit, and produce quality content, but very few have that intangible “it” factor that is such a well known term in the industry. Matt Manteiga has that “it” factor in spades.


His technical excellence preceded him prior to hiring him for my new upcoming tv series, but it was his uncanny ability to take my vision, and not only craft the story that I wanted to tell as though he was inside my head, but make that story even better!!

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When creating a video production for your company, it should parallel your business expertise and your company's vision. 


Creating quality video content that is dynamically different from the competition has never been so important. In the massive, insanely expanding sea of video content online, we pride ourselves on creating video content that resembles Hollywood Films.


Our videos stand out; your business will too. 


did we miss something? 

thanks, we'll get back to you.


What kind of content can we create?


Social. Website. Direct Marketing. Ad campaigns. Logo stings. Custom Graphics. Commercial. Sales. Training. Promotional. Explainer. B2B. B2C. Same day edit. Wedding. Fundraiser. Live events. Announcements.

The video content we create can be repurposed across any platform and continue to generate results for your business 24/7.


Need content beyond video? No problem. Partnered with Soul or Flare - Strategy and Design, we offer a wide range of other digital content (most popular being Lead Magnet eBooks).

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no matter the product, service or industry,

high quality video will transform your business.



products & services

we've helped

hundreds of businesses tell their story

like it's never been told before.

browse some of our recent clients:

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give your customers what they want.
sell the way they want to be sold to.

Skydefinition creates turnkey video solutions to automate parts of your business using industry proven strategies. We also provide full social media content, management and integration. 

As a full-scale marketing and video production company, we know that video is not just about capturing moments


It's also not just about telling your story.


...simple, right? 

You've heard it before; you just need to stand out.

It's one of those things that is simple in theory, but not in practice.

If you want to stand out from your competitors, you need quality content and effective (trusted) strategy.

You have to stand out to the right people,

in the right place, with the right offer.

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It doesn't matter how many people are selling the same thing as you,

you just have to sell it better.

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If you want your business to grow, you need to provide high-quality video content that is dynamically distinct from what everyone else is offering.

That's what we do.

Quality content and solid marketing are more important than having a product or service that no one else sells.

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